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is it worth using my pass to go to shibazakura?

is it worth using my pass to go to shibazakura?

I will have a rail pass and am planning to go from tokyo to the shibazakura festival and then onto Matsumoto that evening

I realise that I can only use my pass to Otsuki and then need to pay for the train onwards to kawaguchiko and then the liner bus to the festival. Obviously I will need to to return to kawaguchiko for the t rain to matsumoto. So it needs to be a return

However I see there is a highway bus direct to the festival. Would it be cheaper to take that rather than pay the subsidy for the non JR line and then the festival bus

I am struggling with google translate to work out the highway fare and compare it against the train/train/bus combination

Can someone help please.?

I don't mind paying a little more - if the savings in time and hassle are good

Also If I do go by the train - Will I be able to buy the Otsuki/Kawaguchiko component at Shinjinku? and also - I know Japan is a cash society , so I am assuming that I will need cash for the extra ticket?


Hi there,

Just finished a trip to Matsumoto myself and it's well worth visiting.

Let's start with an overview. The cost Tokyo - Otsuki by train is 1320yen (covered by the JR Pass) and 1140yen to Kawaguchiko and then the bus from Kawaguchiko to the flower park 1030 yen. An express bus from Tokyo can be as low as 1750yen. It is may be best to take a bus from Tokyo there. For the return, I would travel to Otsuki as it is closer to Matsumoto. The difference is price is only a couple hundred yen, so not too much worry there :)

It's good to have a bit of cash at hand, generally I carry about 20,000yen with me but it's also what you are comfortable with yourself. You can also use a creditcard at the bigger ticket offices.

You can buy the JR part Tokyo/Shinjuku - Otsuki at any JR station and the part for the Fujikyu line to Kawaguchiko ot Otsuki station.

Hope this helps,

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thanks, I will go by bus then :-)


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