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is food sold in all carriages on the tokyo to kyoto shinkansen?

Is food sold in all carriages on the Tokyo to Kyoto Shinkansen?

Is food or Bento Boxes sold in all carriages on the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto?. I have a feeling it is only sold in the Expensive Green carriages?. Or would you suggest i purchase some snack food at the Narita Airport for my Shinkansen journey. Thank you.


Hi there,

Bento boxes and other snacks/drinks are sold in every train compartment. A trolley will come by from time to time which you can buy from. I would however recommend buying your Eki Bento at a train station as there as more choice and sometimes they are fresh made while you wait.

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Thank you Daniel for your answer and thank you for the "Eki Bento'" link!...facinating!, Just one of the many reasons I love Japan.


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