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i had no e-mail - url confirmation after making the payment

I had no e-mail - url confirmation after making the payment

I have filled the form on September 3rd. , then , I had hit next and the url redirected me directly to the main page, without any confirmation, and no email arrived to my e-mail address either . it should have arrived today, but Fed-Ex has no information about it . I have checked my bank account and the payment has been done. Please help. if you need the bank ransaction confirmation, I can send it by email.

Thank you very much.


Hi there!

I apologize for the mix-up in your order and am sorry for the extra work this may have caused you! We can't order related enquiries directly via forum due to privacy concerns. Please contact us directly at or via our direct contact form and we will get this sorted ASAP. Please include as many details as possible (time of your order/name/contact address).

Again sorry for the extra work!

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