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On the hyperdia website there are 3 options: departure, arrival, and average. are any of these round trip? If I am trying to get a train ride from toyama to Kanazawa which do I select?

I am trying to get my travel times decided before I arrive in Japan so that I can have a good itenerary. I am also trying to budget to see if it would be beneficial to purchase the 7 day rail pass or at least make sure I have enough money to purchase tickets.

If I do not purchase a 7 day pass, do the ticket counters accept credit cards?

Also when putting Toyama in as a departure it gives me two options toyama airport and just Toyama, how do I know which train station is close to my hotel?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Hello there,

Hyperdia only allows you to look for one way route's. So it's best to just put in the route's one by one.

Ticket desks accept all major credit cards good to know is that you may be asked for your passport when using your credit card, so keep it handy.

The best way to find the location for your hotel is to look at the access page of your hotel or look up your hotel using services such as Google Maps, than look for the closest station.

Hope this helps!

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