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how to get from nex line to yamanate line or marunouchi line

How to get from NEX line to Yamanate line or Marunouchi line

I plan to take the Narita Express from Narita airport to Tokyo station. I then want to get to the Hibiya line to get to Hiro-o station. I cannot determine from my subway map what I need to do to accommodate this. It looks like from the Yamanate line I could transfer from the Yurakucho station to the Hibiya station. Or I could tranfer at the Ginza sation via teh Marunouchi line. What line will I be on when I arrive from the airport at Tokyo station?


Hi there!

The simplest way will be to hop on the Marunouchi line at Tokyo and then change at Ginza for the Hibiya line. At least this way you're in the subway system from Tokyo all the way to your destination.

The NE'X is a JR train, so changing between other JR trains will be fairly easy at Tokyo. As an alternative, if you don't like changing trains in busy stations, how about using the JR Yamanote all the way to Ebisu and then changing there to 1 hop on the Hibiya line to Hiro-o? (Or maybe even walking form Ebisu?)

For reference, this map of Tokyo station may help.

Hope this helps!

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