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how to get from miyajima to naoshima

how to get from Miyajima to Naoshima

hi there! anyone know if I can take a ferry from Miyajima to Naoshima? (or could you let me know the best route please?) many thanks


Hi there,

You have two options here:

1.) Is to travel to Uno and take the ferry from there. To get from Miyajima to Uno have a look at this route.

2.) Is to take the train to Takamatsu and take the Ferry from there. Here is the route.

Both are covered by the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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great, thank you Daniel (I was spelling it wrong in the HyperDia search)
is the ferry ticket also covered by the JR pass?

how do I get from Naoshima to Kyoto please?

thanks again


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