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how to fit in these activities

how to fit in these activities


We have a few things we would like to do at the tail end of our trip this November. We will have 5 days and would be departing from Kyoto. We would like to see Hiroshima, Miyajima Island and a sumo tournament in Fukuoka. We must be in Osaka by day 5. Is that a reasonable amount of time to travel to these places? Our schedule at this time is as follows:

Nov 13th- depart Kyoto to Hiroshima
Nov 14th Hiroshima to Miyajima
Nov 15th Miyajima to Fukuoka (does this trip make sense? - seems like lots of transfers)
Nov 16th Tournament in Fukuoka
Nov 17th Fukuoka to Osaka

Any suggestions regarding this itinerary would be greatly appreciated! we are open to any and all suggestions. We have a 14 day JR pass (we start our trip in and around Tokyo/Kyoto)


Hello there,

It will be busy but this will be possible and good fun to boot!

For travel from Miyajima to Fukuoka, I think you may be looking at the wrong route here. As its quite simple. Take a local train from Miyajimaguchi to Hiroshima station, from there take Hikari Shinkansen to Hakata station.

Hakata is the Shinkansen station for Fukuoka.

Hope this helps,

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