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how to find if a hotel is near a jr station

How to find if a hotel is near a JR station

I am planning to buy JR pass. When I book the hotel, how can I check if the hotel is near a JR station? For example, the following address in Tokyo:

125-0062 Tokyo Prefecture, Katsushika-ku Aoto 5-19-20, Japan

BTW, if all the hotel has tax, service fee and cleaning fee on top of the basic price? Sometimes I only see tax and service fee in the total price. Does that mean the cleaning fee is extra and unknown? It is not easy to confirm those kind information if I can't call the hotel.

One extra question: When I book the hostel, any person who is 12 years older is considered as an adult. does the hostel in Japan accept 12 years old child?

Do we need to pay tips in Japan?

Sorry for so many questions. Many thanks.


Hi Jeff,

With things like this is your friend. Simply search for the hotel name and see if you see a station close by. Otherwise do a route search for the hotel to the station where you want to be at.

Hotels generally also have a good access/direction page. So its worth looking on the hotel page as well.

As for extra charges, generally these are all included in the price you see on the website and no additional charges have to be paid up on arrival. Please do note that I can't speak for every hotel in Japan.

In Japan a 12 yo is generally seen/charged as an adult but again, its the hotel's own policy how they do this.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks a million for your help, Daniel.


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