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how long i need to wayt for my jr-pass

How long I need to wayt for my JR-pass

Hello, I live in Oslo . I want to know How long I need to wayt for my JR-pass if I order it from your site ?
and I also want to know is it possible to order 2 JR-pass for 1 person? - I'm going to Japan for 1 mounth and I planning to travel in 1st and 4th week , and stay in Tokyo for 2d and 3d week, so I need it not for all time but only 1st and 4th week.


Hi there,

Shipping to Norway (and Oslo) takes 2 working days, for instance if you order it on a Monday, it will arrive the next Wednesday.

There is no limit to the amount of JR Passes you buy, giving that you used them withing 90 days after purchase.
So traveling with two JR Passes is perfectly viable.

Enjoy Japan!

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