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Hello Daniel!!!

I want to order the Pocket Wifi on, but it will not allow me to pick up when we arrive at Narita airport on Thursday, October 13. The soonest it will allow me to pickup is Saturday, October 15.

We are looking to rent the Pocket Wifi for 14 days. And by the way, do you think $93 is a good deal for two travelers?

Can you please advise???



Also, Daniel, I just read a post from another tourist about renting a Pocket Wifi and going through, about possibly having the Pocket Wifi delivered to my hotel???

Can you please advise?


Hi there,

We generally need a couple of days to prepare your WiFi order. The price is very good compared to similar offering elsewhere and I was very happy using it personally.

We can ship to your accommodation in Japan. If you wish to do this, please place an order via and select any airport.

Then send us an e-mail via with the address of your accommodation and we will set-up shipping. This is a free service.

However I must say that Thursday is really short, so we may only be deliver it on Friday.

Hope this helps,

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