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haruka express rediculious

Haruka Express Rediculious

On 7 Apr 2016 took Haruka Express from Shinkansen Osaka to Osaka International Airport. About 10 km before airport. Train service was terminated citing strong wind.

We were advised to Switch to a Local Train. This is illogical. If Haruka could not; how could local train operates? Despite reservations, boarded a local train. Shortly Local Train also cited bad weather. Passengers must find own way to airport.

Is this the way? Should JR helps with alternatives transport. Taking taxis is a non option as there are too many passengers


Hi there,

While I am sorry to hear about your experience there is little we can do. Delays and cancellations are possible due to bad weather or other circumstances.

If you wish to make a complaint regarding this, I would suggest contacting JR West directly.

Other that this experience, I hope you had a good time in Japan!

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