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Dear admin,

We will be in Tokyo for 9 days and we do not have any plan to buy JR Rail Pass and i would like to ask the following questions

  1. Which transportation pass can i use when I only travel in Tokyo ? How much does it cost for 9 days in total?
    2 I want to take 1 day to Hakone, how do i go from Akihabara to Hakone? How much it cost ?

As we are on budget travelling, we hope you can advise us the best transportation pass to buy which can utilise our time and within the budget

Thanks and hope to hear from you very soon.



Hello Bino,

1.) It depends on what you want to see and do in Tokyo. Generally, a good place to start is to buy unlimited day tickets for the metro or use a Suica card.

2.) For Hakone, look at a Hakone Free Pass. This can give you great value for exploring the area.

Hope this helps,

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