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gujo hachiman ic to city & food replicas queries

Gujo Hachiman IC to city & food replicas queries

I will take bus from Takayama to Gujo Hachiman in coming November, but the bus stop at Gujo Hachiman IC which is quite a distance from city.

I know 'Mame' buses are operating in Gujo Hachiman, but from the bus route, it seems like not link to Gujo Hachiman IC. Is it possible to walk to nearest 'Mame' bus stop from Gujo Hachiman IC? If yes, how long to take?

If by taxi, how much from Gujo Hachiman IC to nearest bus stop and Gujo Hachiman IC to city?

For food replicas, is it possible to see how the staff/visitor make food replicas if I do not make reservation for the workshop? The staff will give instruction in Japanese or other language?


Hi there,

I know lot's about trains but not that much about buses. However both will get you to Gujo Hachiman. It's a very small town though and it should be easy to walk from the IC to the town center.

I am afraid that I can't help you much with the food replicas, as I've not visited the place myself.

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