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going to 1 year program from brazil. what to do?

Going to 1 year program from Brazil. What to do?

I'm, with some other collegues, doing the "Science without borders" (Ciências sem fronteiras) program from Brazil. And we are one step closer to spend a 1 year undergratuated university-intership in Japan, and we have no clues on what to do regarding the JRpass and other ways to travel around the country in this year.
So, what are the options for us?


Hi there,

I think you already know this, the JR-Pass is only available to foreign visitors that enter the country under a 90-day Tourist Visa. There are however a couple of tips I can give you to travel around the country withing having to spend to much.

1.) Night buses, these are for sure the most popular way to travel around for Japanese people. I feel you should try this at least once if you are serious about learning Japanese and contemporary Japanese society.

2.) The Seishun 18 Kippuit is a great way to explore Japan during its validity period. You could see this as the JR-Pass for Japanese nationals, it allows for unlimited travel on local JR Lines for 5 days. I once used this to travel from Kyoto to Nagasaki on a single day, that was one crazy trip!

3.) Hitch Hiking, you may not see this a lot but it is a great way to get around. It is not hard to find a ride somewhere and many people will be happy to take you along. It is a great way to get to know new people and practice Japanese if you already speak a little.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you! I already send this for my friends. It was really useful.


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