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going out of tokyo on christmas day

Going out of Tokyo on Christmas day

I've heard that it's a big hassle to get on the rail during Christmas. We are planning to leave Tokyo towards Kyoto on December 25th. Can anyone confirm if would be difficult taking the rail out of Tokyo on that date? Are there any other days I should worry about (like New Years)?


Hi there!

Actually Christmas is not such a bad day to travel on, except for more non Japanese travelers it's actually not a busy day. This is mainly because Christmas is not celebrated in the same way as it is in other parts of the world. Christmas day is a normal working day for most Japanese, so there's not need to worry about over packed trains.

This does change around new year, one or two days before the new year, Japan almost undergoes a mass trans location of its population and trains fill up quickly. When you travel around the new year it is recommend to make seat reservations one or two days in advance in order to secure seating.

Have a great time in Japan!

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