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Getting around Tokyo

Hi :-)

We are headed back to Japan again. We loved it so much the first time. This time we have a bit over a week. We fly into Narita airport in the evening, travelling into Shinjuku to stay from Friday till Wednesday (approx) in November.

We plan to explore Tokyo in more detail, hoping to get around by subway/train. We were thinking of taking an overnight (maybe two) trip to Hakone and then another overnight to Nikko, if it's not too expensive. We go home on Sunday evening from Narita airport.

Will the JR pass be of benefit to our travels? Or is there another pass option for local travel around Tokyo? What would the individual travel cost be between Tokyo / Hakone and Tokyo / Nikko be?
What is the best way to travel between Narita airport and Tokyo?

Soon many questions! Thank you in advance :-)

Sarah & Bobby


Hello Sarah & Bobby,

Both Hakone and Nikko are pretty close to Tokyo and a JR Pass is better used when going a bit further from Toyko. Think of Kyoto, Osaka or Hiroshima. So I would recommend looking at normal tickets or maybe an area pass instead. For Hakone, a Hakone Free Pass can be useful.

If you want to look up a specific route/price, look over at Hyperdia.

I recommend using the Narita Express for travel from Tokyo - Narita Airport, as it the fastest and offers most comfort. There are however cheaper options available, such as a 1000yen bus or local trains (around 1200 -1400yen). These however take longer.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Daniel. Such a quick and helpful response. :-)
The Hakone Free Pass looks great and will meet our needs. I was just reading about getting a ¥800 a day subway pass, which appears to be helpful for inner Tokyo travel.
Thank you again for your advice,
Sarah and Bobby


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