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General Travel in Kyushu

Hi The below is the itinerary that i have planned for my family end Nov/Dec 2016 for 13 days. As i have a child with me, I have planned it in such a way that it is at a relatively relaxed pace. Would like to get your comments on the itinerary. Any comments is welcome ...

27-28 Nov > Hakata
- Shopping & Eating & Sightseeing

29-1 Dec > Beppu
- Sightseeing in beppu - African Safari - Jigoku Hell Spring - Yufuin Town - Mount Aso - Kokonoe Suspension bridge if time permits - Fruit Picking at Oita if time permits

2-3 Dec > Kokura & Hakata
- Explore Kokura for 1 day on the way from Beppu to Hakata

3-6 Dec > Nagasaki
- Explore Nagasaki - 1 night at Huis Ten Bosch

6 -10 Dec > Hakata
- Shopping & Eating at Hakata - Yanagawa - Saga - Kumamoto & Kagoshima day trips if time permits


Should include Yufuin, Oita. Then Oita to Mount Aso. Ride Aso Boy from Aso to Kumamoto. Stay over in Kagoshima. Spend less time in Hakata & Nagasaki.

Just a viewpoint


Hi there,

I agree, Yufuin and Aso are great visits, with great trains. Personally I did not find Kokura very interesting, you could use that time better somewhere else. For instance making a visit to Sasebo instead, or go up to Hiroshima.

Rest looks really nice!

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Thanks to all for your feedback and comments. Appreciate it. :)

Yes, my itinerary already included Yufuin and oita and mount Aso. (Will visit during those 3 nights when I base in Beppu)
As for Kokura, I put in Kokura for half a day on my way back to Hakata from Beppu as I do not know where else to visit for that short afternoon with my luggages. I also want to make use of my 5 day Kyushu pass.
Will review the last few days at Hakata to see if I can fit other places as suggested. :)


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