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fukuoka -> hiroshima -> kyoto -> nagoya -> tokyotrains

Fukuoka -> Hiroshima -> Kyoto -> Nagoya -> TokyoTrains

I am a little confused and hope somebody can help me out.

Fukuoka few days
then Hiroshima one-two days
Then Kyoto two days
Then Nagoya two days
Then Tokyo the remaining trip

However, when I check the train route on Hyperdia from Fukuoka to Hiroshima... it's telling me to go through Shin-Osaka... Which is way past Hiroshima and based on the map Hiroshima is in between Fukuoka and Kyoto.
Hyperdia route
For example... Fukuoka -> Kanazawa -> Kyoto -> Hiroshima

Is there no route to Fukuoka to Hiroshima ?


Hi there,

This is a bit of a classical mistake a lot of people make when they first travel to or from Fukuoka. The station name for Fukuoka is Hakata and you should search for Hakata if you use Hyperdia to look up routes.

Try it and you will see that it is very easy to travel from Fukuoka to Hiroshima.

If you do enter Fukuoka, then you will end of somewhere completely different :)

Hope this helps!

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