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from kyoto to tokyo sunday hikari trains

From Kyoto to Tokyo Sunday Hikari trains

I am planning a trip from Kyoto to Tokyo on Sunday October 9 using JR pass, but could not find any morning Hikarii trains between 8am and 10am on The earliest train available is at 10:33am.

However on the official JR Central site there are at least 4 trains at the required timeframe - Hikary 512, 460, 514 and 462.
Same trains are also listed on

Could someone help to find out which site is more accurate for that specific date?

Thank you in advance!


Hi there,

I looked into this but am not sure what's going on with Hyperdia.

Using other planning websites, the Hikari does look to be in service.

I used this JP website, route 3 is the Hikari. Same at the JR East timetable, the blue are the Hikari lines.

However I would recommend confirming in Japan the moment that you can reserve tickets, in order to avoid any surprises.

Hope this helps,

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