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from kagoshima to tokyo in a day

From Kagoshima to Tokyo in a day

Our 18 day itinerary from Tokyo ends up in Kagoshima. We need to travel back from Kagoshima to Tokyo in one day using our JR Pass. It is a long trip but our flight isn't until 2030.
I would be grateful to hear any ideas to break up the trip. Where would be good places to stop for a break? Is it possible to send our luggage ahead - and if so, how far in advance would we need to send the luggage?
Many thanks, JP


Hi JP,

You can send your luggage ahead using the Takuhaibin Delivery Services this is a great way to forward your luggage country wise and is decently priced as well. It's basically an overnight service so no need to say goodbye to your luggage for long. You do need an address to forward your luggage to, a Hotel would be fine for this.

The trip Kagoshima - Tokyo takes 485 Minutes (8 hours and 5 minutes) and you would need an additional 80 minutes at least if you travel to Narita Airport. So travel will take most of your day. If you do want to make a break somewhere, I would suggest making a stop over at Nagoya you could enjoy a meal here, maybe see the castle or go up Nagoya tower, while you are there why not try some Nagoya size Sushi as well. When you arrive at Nagoya you will have most of your travel behind you (just 125 Minutes more to Tokyo) and this may be the time when you want to go for an early dinner orso.

Have a great trip!

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You might think you have a lot of time but you should be at Narita by 18:30 so not much time.
And plus Narita airport is fun with so many good restaurants and souvenir shops, you might want to be there earlier.
It's nothing like the boring American airports.

I looked up Sakura trains and they only run hourly.
You're going to take 9:43 train to Shin Osaka arriving at 13:44?
Maybe have lunch there and roam around before getting on Hikari at 14:40 arriving to Shinagawa at 16:33
Take Narita express at 16:50 arriving to Narita around 17:53. Narita has terminal 1 and 2. Remember which one!

I used the weekday schedule; it will be different time schedule on weekends.

I hope u get the idea. I had to write cause missing a flight is no fun.

Have fun!!!


Thank you so much Geishagirl and Daniel-San. After reading your answers I've decided that although possible, it will be too much travel for one day! I'm reorganising the end of our trip. Great to have your input :)


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