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first time: planning stage - 2 weeks in japan

First time: Planning stage - 2 weeks in Japan

Could you please give me instructions on how I could take use the JR Pass train travelling around Japan for the series of places below - TOKYO / OSAKA / KYOTO / TOKYO

DAY 1 - Arrival via the Narita Airport going to an accommodation in Arakawa-ku Ueno Tokyo ....Narita Express?? Where to stop///which station?

DAY 2 - Staying at the Higashinippori, Arakawa-ku Ueno Tokyo...wanting to go to UENO Park?...

Day 3 - From going to DISNEY LAND or DISNEY far from Ueno Tokyo...?

DAY 4 - From Ueno Tokyo...wanting use the Bullet Train...going to Osaka?

Day 5 - Wanting to check out the Osaka Tower, Osaka Aquarium....?

Day 6 - Whole day at Universal Studios

Day 7 - Wanting to wonder around the Osaka parks etc

Day 8 - From train (?) to Kyoto?

Day 9 / 10 - Visiting all the shrines / temples of Kyoto

Day 11 - From Kyoto needs to travel via Bullet train back to Tokyo...?

Day 12 - Check out other place in Tokyo ...

Day 13 - Attend a conference at Big Sights Conference in Tokyo

Day 14 - Check out other places in Tokyo

Day 15 - Travel to back to Narita Airport for a flight to Cairns Australia

Questions...Detailed specifics...?

  1. I'm pondering if my 14days JR Pass would suit...I'm actually travelling around 15 days? Also my arrival in Narita is around you think I could catch to change it to a pass when I arrive...?

  2. If you're able to give detailed...train/bus/express...on possible major stops for each day...?

  3. Do you smart to stay in Tokyo during the Golden Week or travel to Osaka as plan...we are actually arriving on that 29 Apr...until 14 May....? This would be for a family of four = 2 adults and 2 kids (ages 3 & 5)

Any advice would be appreciated...particularly with the day by day usage of the JR Pass...?

Thanks very much.



Hello Altbat,

I strongly recommend learning to plan with Hyperdia. This way you can find any route you want, have the travel time, transfer information and much more. There are so many trains and possible connections that it would not be feasible to list them all here. We also have a useful map with all JR lines covered.

I do recommend using a 7 day JR Pass for day 4-11. Your most expansive travel is within this time period and you could make the best savings possible this way. Since you are traveling in Golden Week, try to book your train travel 3-4 days in advance. You can stay anywhere but be sure to book your accommodations in advance too.

As for your arrival, I see that you will arrive late at 9pm at Narita Airport. The last Narita Express departs at 21:44 and I am afraid that you will not be in time to make it. An alternative may be to use the Keisei to Ueno or use a local JR service.

Hope this helps,

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