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first time in japan

First time in Japan

This is going to be my first time in Japan:

  1. How good are hotels with on-the-spot accommodations? I did not make any hotel reservations, kind of going on the fly with where I sleep. Also, what are the cheapest living accommodations i can acquire while in Tokyo?

If there is a room available, then it is certainly possible to get it. But even in non-peak seasons in some smaller cities on weekends it can be hard to get a room at a cheaper place. So it is a gamble - and you could be stuck paying through your nose for an expensive room if you can't find a cheaper place available. The cheapest places are often capsule hotels, and "guest house" type places. Many are located in the eastern side, in Taito-ku area of Tokyo, which is not too far from Ueno and the Sensoji Temple. There is one such collection of the cheapest places at Time Out Tokyo. Though I haven't stayed at any so I can't give any specific recommendation. Virtually everywhere is close to a subway or train station though, and if you are staying for 3 days, you can get good savings from a 3 day subway pass.

Good luck.


Hello there,

Japan is wonderful when it comes to traveling without prior bookings and getting a hotel on the day of arrival rarely is a problem. The expedition being when there's a local festival or event, than rooms fill up faster than you can count.

Most bigger stations have a tourist information and you can just tell me that you are looking for a hotel. They will then call hotels for you to find a place for you to stay.

For really cheap accommodations, look for specials run by capsule hotels. They can be as low as 1,500yen for a single night. The downside is that you can't enter during the day and most don't cater to women. Hostels and Guesthouses are also a fantastic alternative.

Hope this helps,

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