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Entertainer visa

I will be traveling to Japan with an entertainer visa and work there for a week. After that I have a friend joining me for two more weeks and we are planning to travel around in Japan. My friend will get a JR-pass but since I'm not able to I'm now looking for options. Is my only option to buy single tickets? Or is there any option on a suica-card for a similar thing, maybe a bit more expensive, or so? I just wish to have the same freedom and fixed price as the JR-pass.
Please let me know if anyone done a similar thing and have some good advices for us to make our travel as joyful as it would have been if we both had the chance to get a JR-pass.


Hi there,

I am afraid that the JR Pass is only usable by people who enter Japan under a tourist visa.

Some JR companies offer local passes that are usable but these are limited by region, for instance the Tokyo Wide Pass.

The only alternative would be to buy normal tickets. You can book a ticket together with your friend, so you can still sit together.

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