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english signs on the bullet trains

English signs on the bullet trains


I am travelling to the Japan for the first time and using the bullet trains to get around Japan on.

Does anyone know if there english lanquage displays of what station you are coming to on the train, I have seen a youtube video, and only showed a small part of the digital display showing Japanese characters???

any help much appreciated

Thank you

John cliffe, England


Hi John,

Yes the station names will show up on the digital in-train displays in English, so you never have to worry about where to get out.
Also an announcement is made in English over the trains speakers so even if you are looking out of the window there is no way you can miss your stop.

What is neat too, is that any station will have signs showing the station name in English.

Hope it helps!

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Another good tip to make sure you get off at the right stop is to set your alarm on your phone to 1 minute before the arrival of the train specified on your reservation ticket (if you have one). Because the JR network is so punctual it means you can have a little snooze and be sure to be woken up just before you arrive at your destination.

Hope this helps!

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Many thanks for that, I really appreciate the reply to my question. I guessed that the signs would be english, but it's nice to have it confirmed be someone else.

Cheers for that mate



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