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eligibility -fukuoka-hiroshima-osaka

Eligibility -Fukuoka-Hiroshima-Osaka

Hi! May I seek for your advice? We are granted with visa with status "Temporary Visitor 30 days Multiple Entry." With that kind of visa, can we purchase the JR pass? We plan to buy the Regional Visa - JR west. Can we use that in the shinkansen from fukuoka to hiroshima? Thank you.


Unfortunately, no.
Did you read the eligibility requirements on this site?

If you are going to Japan one time only for the purpose of sightseeing, then you would qualify - you should then contact your local Japanese consulate or embassy and explain the situation, to see if they will change your visa status.

By the way, there are A LOT of JR West regional passes - you need to see if the JR Sanyo Sanin Area Pass or the JR Setouchi Area Pass is the one you really need.

There are many good places to see along the route, including Sarakurayama, the Akiyoshido Limestone Cave, Iwakuni, and Miyajima. Plus Fukuoka has many very good places too.

I hope you can see all that Japan offers.

Good luck.


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