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direct trains from hiroshima to kyoto

Direct trains from Hiroshima to Kyoto

Good afternoon ,
Are there direct trains from Hiroshima to Kyoto?
On hyperdia I can't find any trains without transfer but on Google maps I can.
If there are, could you give me a link for the timetables . We will be doing this journey on Sat 10 August.
Thank you very much, Pablo from Spain.


Hi Pablo,

The only direct train between Hiroshima and Kyoto is the Nozomi express, the train unfortunately is one of the only shinkansen not covered by the JR Pass.

To travel with the JR Pass to Hiroshima from Kyoto - take the Shinkansen to Shin Osaka. Here you can transfer to the Sakura Shinkansen to Hiroshima.

Hyperdia does not allow for direct time table links but trains leave Kyoto station at least twice an hour.

I hope this helps!

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It helps a lot. Thank you.


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