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Day Trips

Hello everyone :)

In the beginning of this year I posted my intinerary for my 22-days trip to Japan with my brother next March/April. Thank yo a lot again for your help. All hotels and the flight booked :)

Now I have some further questions:

  1. We would like to do a day trip from Tokyo to Nikko. Is the following possible?
    Arrive 10.21 in Nikko, take bus to Lake Chuzenji and arrive there around 11.15. Kegon Waterfall and Lake Chuzenji + Lunch, Return to Nikko around 14.00 and visit Toshogu. Or should we take the train that arrives in Nikko at 9.11?

  2. Day trip to Kamakura/Enoshima:
    Arrive in Kamakura around 9.30, to Hase Station and visit Daibutsu and Hasedera Temple, Lunch in Hasedera Temple/Restaurant. After that go to Enoshima and look around the Island. Is it probably possible to visit Hachimangu Shrine before Daibutsu and Hasedera?

I read also about shrine/temple manners. Do a lot tourists the purification and praying part or do they skip them?

Thank you a lot.


Hi there,

1.) I think both 10.21 and 9.11 work as arrival times. It would mostly depend on you and how much time you'd like to have around the place.

2.) Yes, I think so. Hachimangu Shrine opens at 8.00 am and is within walkable distance from Kamakura station. Its also not too far from the Daibutsu.

I think most tourists just walk around temples and don't really indulge in any of the prayers or rituals. Still locals will very much appreciate any good will and understanding shown.

Hope this helps,

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Ok, thank you very much. If I have further questions I will write again.


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