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Cost and Refund Policy

I live in Toronto, Canada and have a couple of questions before I order my Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order online.
I would be ordering 2 JR Passes for 14 days.

Can you please tell me whether the cost estimate is available in Canadian currency?

Additionally, I was wondering what would happen
If we experience an emergency and we have to return our Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order?
Aside for the from the 15% processing fee per ticket are there any other charges such as additional shipping or any other costs?

Thank you for your feedback and advice,


Hi Amit,

The 14 day JR Pass is 45,100yen, the price you'll pay will depend on the exchange of that day. You can make an estimate using services like XE.COM, we always use the best exchange rate possible and giving you the best price.

You have two possibilities if you want to return the JR Pass, one is to return an unused exchange order to use by post. For this you would pay the shipping costs your self (to Londen, UK), we will process your refund once we receive the order.

An other option is to claim an unused exchange order, as you would do when you lost the exchange order before turning it in. This way you don't have to pay shipping back but will have to wait for the refund until the exchange period (90days after purchase) has expired before the refund can be processed.

Hope this helps!

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