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combination between jr and local buses in hokkaido

Combination between JR and local buses in Hokkaido

Hi, I'm Bárbara and I want to ask something, I'll be in Japan next october and I'm still planing my days in Hokkaido, One of my friends comented me that in Hokkaido exist one kind of Ticket/Passport that for ¥4000 you can go to diferent places in the island combining JR trains and local buses for 4 days, (or something like that) but I couldn't find any more information and I'm really interested because one of the places that I want to visit is the Akan Lake, and is far from any train station.
If this passport really exist, can someone tell me more details about?
Thanks!! (and please be patinet with my english, is very basic)


Hi there,

I am not familiar with such as ticket and I do ticket 4,000yen would be really low for something like that.

There is a Hokkaido Rail Pass besides the Japan Rail Pass and also various discount tickets by JR Hokkaido but I am not sure which one you are referring too.

For JR Hokkaido tickets, please see:

Hope this helps,

(PS: Your English is perfectly fine)

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Hi Daniel-san, thanks for your help! That link is very useful! even when none of the tickets includes buses to Akanko I'll be considering them for the others places in Hokkaido that I want to visit so Thanks again!!


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