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child jr pass, n'ex & suica

Child JR Pass, N'EX & Suica

I am travelling to Tokyo with my 9year old daughter, we will also be visiting Kyoto and Osaka, so I thought it would be better to get JRpass and then I was going to get a SUICA + NEX card to use around Tokyo, but when I looked at there website it says it isnt available for children, please can anyone advice what is the best Rail cards for us to buy. We are flying in and out of Narita Airport.


Hi there,

In general in Japan, child tickets (ages 6-11) are made available at 50% of the adult fare.

The Japan Rail Pass is available for children aged 6-11 at significantly reduced prices (50% cheaper) to the adult charges. You can find more information on the prices on our pricing page (clicking the tab for children's prices), or on the main JR site.

Regarding the N'EX + SUICA card, there is no combined ticket for children, however you will still be able to purchase child priced N'EX tickets and a special children's Suica card (Kodomo-yo suica). The N'EX trips will be 50% of the adult fare (so ¥1470 each way). The Suica card will cost ¥2000 to purchase (¥500 deposit and ¥1500 travel value), however the actual charges applied to the prepaid suica card on use will be 50% of the normal adult fare. So your daughters ¥2000 Kodomo-yo Suica will allow the equivalent travel to an adult spending ¥3500.

You can purchase both the child N'EX ticket and the children's Suica (kodomo-yo Suica) at the JR ticket counter.

Hope this helps!

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