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buy ticket for morioka to hakodate

Buy ticket for Morioka to Hakodate

Hi everyone, I will be travelling in Japan around the Golden Week (end Apr-early May), arriving by air at Tokyo. Then I will go to Hakodate after a few days from Morioka. I want to reserve the seat for the train from Morioka - Hakodate as it is peak travelling period. However, i found the reservation website below only allow ticket pick up inside Hokkaido: And people cannot use any kind of JR pass to reserve the seat.

I am ok to buy the ticket at normal price (not using JR pass) but the problem is i cannot reach Hokkaido before i get the ticket!! Anyone can have suggestion for me on what to do ? Thank you very much.


Erica Lui
Erica Lui

Hi Erica,

This is a bit of a known problem. It is hard to nearly impossible to buy train ticket while you are not in Japan. The best thing to do is to ask a friend in Japan to buy the tickets for you, the 2nd best thing is to buy the tickets the moment that you arrive at the Airport in Japan. Any JR station can reserve train tickets for you nations wide.
A last possibility is to use the Japanese Eki NET which allows for ticket reservations online, however it is only available in Japanese and known to reject foreign credit cards.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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