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aogashima island japan

Aogashima Island Japan

Hi All,
While searching some places in japan i Found Aogashima Island the hidden island.
I want to confirm is it Real. or is it possible to go there.If Yes how i can go , how i can find the best way to reach there.What should be precautions to keep in mind.If anyone visited that ISLAND then it would be please if he/she can help me in it.

Here's the Link

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Hi there!

Yes - the Ogasawara islands are very real :) All are accessible by either Ferry or helicopter. You can find more information on how to get there here.

I personally recommend Chichijima and Hachijojima, but you can find out more on each islands tourism information site.

The main thing to be wary of is the weather! The islands are very exposed and can be subject to tropical storms. Also, be aware that there are no JR services on these islands :)

Hope this helps!

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Yes It helps alot thanks alot for helping


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