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alternative to lockers at kyoto station?

Alternative to lockers at Kyoto Station?

Hello! My wife and I will arrive in Kyoto with 2 large pieces of luggage, then staying (1 night) at the 9 Hours Capsule Hotel. (Actually, I think we'l send them ahead of us to the capsule from Kanazawa).

The next morning we check out, then head to Kyoto Station nice and early to try and catch a 7:20 am bullet train to Hiroshima. (I don't know a lot about the train schedules yet but this particular Hikari seems to take us the whole way without needing a transfer.)

So we go to Hiroshima, come back to Kyoto in the afternoon, grab our bags and head to an apartment we are renting for a few days.

All this to say I'm wondering what to do with the bags while we day trip to Hiroshima.

Blogs say large storage lockers are in short supply. And the luggage counters all seem to open after 8am, which it too late. As I won't be returning to a hotel stay, there's nowhere to forward my luggage while I'm out and about.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Hi there,

Go for a locker anyway :) Coming early to the station will mean that there's a much better chance that lockers are available. There are actually a lot of lockers around Kyoto station, however there are a lot of people as well.

If you can't find a locker at the station itself, you can go to the close by (underground) metro stop or shopping mall, there are tons of lockers there as well.

Alternatively you could just take them with you on the train and store them at Hiroshima station.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the suggestion. I was nervous about gambling on finding the bigger sizes exactly when I need them, but I can give it a shot. Maybe do some pre-exploring the night before. There seems to be more large luggage lockers than I thought (spread out between the station, subway and mall). I even found this site giving some of the locations, though it's in Japanese;

Anyway, thanks!


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