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  1. Can I activate the JR pass at Narita airport?
  2. The website says I need proof of residence outside Japan (eg: letter issued by an official institution with name and address of passenger). Will a letter of tax advice from the national government (Australia) or a letter of rates advice from the local government (Brisbane) be okay?
  3. What train do I catch from Narita terminal 2 to Shinjuku main station using a JR pass (arriving Narita 7pm on a Thursday)?
  4. What is the best day time route from Shinjuku main station to Sapporo using a JR pass? Is it better to reserve seats to Sapporo with a JR pass?

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Hi Alan,

1.) Yes you can, there's an exchange counter at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Open from 6.30 - 21.45

2.) You only need proof of residence outside Japan if you enter Japan with a Japanese Passport. In this case a tax letter and bill stating your address would be suffice. However you won't have to worry about this at all if you enter Japan under and Australian passport with a tourist visa.

3.) You can take the Narita Express directly from Narita Airport leaving at 19:46, otherwise you can take the Narita Express to Tokyo station and transfer here to the Yamanote line bound for Shinjuku. Here is the route in Hyperdia.

4.) I would reserve seats to Sapporo with the JR Pass, as it makes traveling a lot more relaxed, although it is not strictly necessary. The best way to travel to Sapporo from Shinjuku is to travel to Ueno or Tokyo station and take the Shinkansen from there to Aomori, you can use limited express trains from there to travel on to Sapporo. Here is the full route. Note that the full route takes about 10 hours so plan carefully.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks Daniel. That is appreciated.

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