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9 day trip: tokyo, hakone, osaka, kyoto, nara

9 day trip: Tokyo, Hakone, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara


My husband and I are planning our honeymoon, and I was hoping someone could give his/her opinion on whether a Japan Rail Pass would be a good plan or not. I saw a post a day ago with a somewhat similar itinerary and the pass wasn't advised, so we are leaning towards maybe not getting it.

Day 1: Arrive to Narita airport and explore around Tokyo

Day 2: Tokyo

Day 3: Tokyo

Day 4: go to Hakone

Day 5: go to Osaka, explore around Osaka

Day 6: day trip to Kyoto and explore around Kyoto

Day 7: Osaka

Day 8: day trip to Nara and explore Osaka

Day 9: go to Kansai airport in the morning

If we get the Japan Rail Pass, then we would get the 7 day pass and either start it while in Tokyo or while in Osaka. However, it seems this pass doesn't cover Hakone area or all the transportation in Tokyo. So, would it be better to get a 3 day Tokyo metro pass with a one-way airport transfer, then a ticket to Hakone (and explore surrounding area), then a ticket to Osaka, and then a pass to explore Kansai area?

Any advice would be sincerely appreciated!! Thank you in advance!

Best wishes.


Hello there,

I would indeed recommend buying normal tickets for this route. The JR Pass works great if you make a return Tokyo - Kyoto or Tokyo - Osaka but its cheaper to buy normal tickets if you travel one way (even with stops at Hakone).

In Tokyo a 3 day Metro Tickets can be a big help but I don't think tha thte Kansai Area pass would give you any savings.

Hope this helps,

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Hello back,

Thank you so much for your advice -- we really appreciate it!!




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