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7 or 14 days pass?

7 or 14 days pass?

I am planning a trip to Japan and I am not sure which pass is the most convenient. My itinerary is as follows:
Oct 6 - A arrival at Haneda
Oct 7- Tokyo
Oct 8- Kamakura
Oct 9 - Tokyo
Oct 10 - Nikko
Oct 11 - Osaka
Oct 12 - Nara
Oct 13 - Nahoshima
Oct 14 - Hiroshima
Oct 15 - Hiroshima - Mihashima
Oct 16 - Oct 18 - Kyoto
Oct 19 - Oct 26 Yokyo - Haneda

I was advised to get the 7 day JR Pass for my travel. But I have a new question, what if I get the 14 days pass to travel around Tokyo (Nikko and Kamakura) and more important to use it for the trip back to Tokyo on the 19, would be worth it?

Thanks again!



Hi Lucia,

You could consider the 14 day JR Pass if you wish to have the most flexibility possible. It would serve as a single ticket for your travel and you can take the train whenever you feel like it.

Price wise it would still be better to go for the 7 day JR Pass and buy tickets locally in Tokyo. The difference between the 7 day and 14 day JR Pass is around 16,000yen, so you'd have to do this amount of travel for it to be worth it. A return Nikko is ¥ 11,560 (there are lower priced budget routes available). A return Kamakura is ¥ 1,840 and travel from Tokyo - Haneda around ~¥ 1,000yen depending on the route travelled.

Hope this helps!

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