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7 day jr pass

7 day JR pass

We are planning to visit Japan next week. Arriving and departing at Narita(Tokyo). Will it worth to avail the 7 day JRpass for 7 days stay in Japan? We only wanted to visit Tokyo, Mt. Fuji-Hakone and Kyoto and really wanted to experience the bullet train. Please and thank you.


Going just a bit more than Tokyo-Kyoto-Tokyo would make it cost effective. If you use to to/from Narita, then you've got it in the bag. But it is of limited use for Hakone though - look into getting a Hakone Free Pass also.
Kyoto is one of the crown jewels of the country. Be sure to spend at least half a day for Nara as well. The Todaiji Great Buddha is a must see place. If you can, going north of Tokyo on day trip to Nikko is also well worth it and would increase the savings from your pass.

Best of luck.


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