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6 days trip to tokyo and kyoto, how to buy the japan rail pass and jr pass

6 days trip to tokyo and kyoto, how to buy the Japan rail pass and JR pass

I will travel to Tokyo on 30May 2012, reach Haneda Airport around 11:pm

  • if I stright to Kyoto by bus on that day better ?
  • after one day trip in kyoto ( 31/5/2012 )
  • 1/6/2012 morning to tokyo by bullet train ( save time ), stay in shinjuku hotel.
  • 2-5/6/2012 stay in tokyo city tour - Zinsa, Odaiba, roppingi, Tsukiji, Asakusa.......

in so sort time,
please advise how to buy the Japan rail pass and JR pass pass or which pass are recomment?

Thank you,


Hi Christy,

The Japan Rail Pass and the JR pass are the same ticket (Japan Rail = "JR"), but I can see how that can be confusing! The Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) can only be purchased outside Japan, and you can find our prices here.

I think for a short trip such as this I would aim for something like this to split your trip with a tour around Kyoto:

  • 30th. Haneda > Tokyo
  • 31st. Tokyo
  • 1st. Tokyo > Kyoto
  • 2nd. Kyoto (maybe Nara)
  • 3rd. Kyoto > Tokyo
  • 4th. Tokyo
  • 5th. Tokyo > Haneda

This way you can recover from your flight with some sightseeing in Tokyo, and then travel down to Kyoto for a few days midweek. Finally, you can return to Tokyo for the remainder of the trip.

Rail cost wise, a 7 day rail pass will be the same cost as the return trip to Kyoto from Tokyo on the Bullet train. Of couse, the Rail Pass also means you can use it to do other day trip as you need, for example to Nikko from Tokyo, and you are able to use the JR Pass around Tokyo JR lines (but not the metro), however it is a borderline decision whether you will make good use of a rail pass or not.

If you do decide to travel to Kyoto by bus on arrival, then a 7 day rail pass will not be the most economical choice for you, however the trip to Kyoto will be pretty tough after a long flight so I certainly recommend considering staying over in Tokyo for a few nights on arrival.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much !


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