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3 day tokyo subway pass

3 day Tokyo subway pass

Hi, just ordered 2 x JR 14 day rail passes.
Saw a link on another thread about the three day Tokyo subway pass for 1500 yen.
Went to many of the websites listed, couldn't find a link to buy it
It's probably me being stupid ... could you post a direct link to a site where it can be purchased and delivered within the next 10 days (UK)?
I see it can be bought at Haneda but would prefer to sort before we go if possible.
Thank you


Hi there,

The Tokyo subway pass for 3 days is only purchasable directly on Haneda or Narita Airport. You also have to bring your passport and tourist visa.

Unfortunately it is not possible to do so online.

Also see:

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel.


The above info is unfortunately not correct. Please look through the page link. As it says, "For overseas visitors and domestic visitors residing outside the Greater Tokyo Area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma and Yamanashi), please purchase the ticket from travel agencies before the trip." If you are in Japan before going to Tokyo, you can buy it at the travel agencies or outside JR offices. You can also buy it at several hotels, but only the 1 day version may be available. You can also go to Bic Camera within Tokyo. Please see the link for all the correct info.


Thank you Toraneko. That's why I posted originally, as I visited sites listed on the link and couldn't find anywhere selling it (online). I've now contacted the hotel where we are staying and they do sell the 3 day pass. I've also received the 2 x JR Passes, thanks for speedy dispatch.


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