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2 weeks in japan

2 weeks in Japan

Hello all,

I'm going to be traveling to Japan this June for 2 weeks.
I've been there twice already (once for an entire year) but never had the opportunity to go with a JR Rail pass as I was a student back then and was unable to travel a whole lot.

Here's my tentative itinerary:

Tokyo/Kawasaki: days 1-3
Takayama: day 4
Kanazawa: day 5
Fukui: day 6
Osaka: day 7-8
Hiroshima: day 9-10
Fukuoka or Kumamoto: day 11-12
back to Tokyo: dat 12-14

Does this itinerary seem sensible? Ideally I'd also like to spend a few days in Okinawa as I've never been there and could really do with some time on the beach. Would you sacrifice any of the aforementioned places over Okinawa? (Note: Tokyo/Kawasaki and Osaka are musts for me this time round.)



Oh and one more thing: I noticed on Google Maps that from Osaka to Hiroshima I'd have to take the Sanyo shinkansen, but the JR Rail pass does not allow me to travel on those trains, am I correct? If so, how would I get there? Thanks!


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