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2 weeks in japan - tokyo - osaka

2 weeks in Japan - Tokyo - Osaka

Hi guys,

I've booked in accommodation for Tokyo for 1 week and 1 week in Osaka. We will see neighboring city such as Kyoto.

This is my second time to Japan but this time planning the Itinerary. We will most likely be eating, drinking, clubbing, relaxing and popular sightseeing. Which places do you recommend in going? What do you recommend in sightseeing which you would like to see again?

I really love Japanese food and food in general, highlights were the black charcoal soup ramen in Kyoto, small ramen place in Tokyo (can't remember where), famous fish market sushi in Tokyo but 3 hours wait lol and Yakitori restaurants. What places do you recommend eating during the trip (4 people).

I was hoping to find Kobe beef but not to expensive though if possible, people said some markets sell it for 2,000yen which is good. Discover other ramen, yakitori and sushi places and anything you can suggest.



Hi Bigi,

We have several sample itineraries that you can use to get some idea's:

Tokyo, Kansai as Family trip.

Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara.

14 day example trip.

As for local food, the best advise I can give you is, ask the locals! There are so many amazing small places that don't even have a web page. I generally ask my hotel, hostel or friends for the best local places. It can also be nice to just walk into a bar and see what you encounter. This can be really nicce too.

Hope this helps,

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