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14 or 21 day pass? train from kyoto to amanohashidade/myatzu

14 or 21 day pass? Train from Kyoto to Amanohashidade/Myatzu

Dear 'helper'
We will be in Japan for 23 days and are not sure of the best buy - 14 or 21 days?
Here's the itinerary:
30.09 Fly into Kansai
Train Kansai Airport - Kyoto
4 nights Kyoto
Train Kyoto - Myatzu/Amano........ How do we do this and what is the price?.
3 nights in Myatzu
Train back to Kyoto
2 nights
Train to Tokyo
4 nights Tokyo
The rest unclear but definitely travelling a lot.

Is it better to pay for trains the first 9 days and take a 14 day Rail Pass from the journey Kyoto-Tokyo.
Or should we only pay the first train Kansai Airport - Kyoto and the get a 21 day Pass

Hope you can help!


Hi Ann,

I assume that you mean Amonohashidate near Kyoto?
You can take a direct limited express train from Kyoto station which takes 127 Minutes / ¥ 4,380 for one way. Note that the last part is not covered by the JR Pass and you would have to pay ¥ 1430 extra if you travel with a JR Pass.

As for what pass to travel with, I see that you actually won't be traveling on trains that much. It would really depend on what you plan to visit around and after (?) Tokyo, if a JR Pass would be useful. For the first part of your travel up to going to Tokyo I would just stick with buying normal tickets and consider a JR Pass after, depending on how much you plan to travel and see.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,
Thanks a lot - you've really confirmed what I thought.
We'll probably buy a pass for the second half of our trip.
I'm impressed with the speed of your service - great!


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