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14 days in japan

14 days in japan


Our flight will land us in Narita @ around 7pm.
I was thinking of going straight to Kyoto/Osaka right away rather than Tokyo first.
Would that be a good idea at all, as I'm planning to use the 7 day JR Pass for that and then return to Tokyo for the rest of the 14 days.
It would be a bit exhausting though with 14hrs flights + I'm guessing 3-4hr shinkansen ride to Kyoto/Osaka?
Should I just divide my Tokyo days and then mid week go intercity?

Sorry if it's a bit confusing!



Hi Nikku,

Arrival at 7 pm is slightly too late to make your way to Osaka or Kyoto. Trains in Japan stop service around midnight to resume the following morning around 6 am. Instead I would recommend travelling to Tokyo or Yokohama and take an early train to Kyoto/Osaka.

Alternatively you could spend a couple of days in Tokyo first, its definitely not a bad way to start your trip in Japan.

Hope this helps,

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