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11 days in japan

11 Days in Japan

Hello there, first let me give you the details of my trip:

I arrive at Narita Airport and spend a week in Tokyo.
I need to get to Minami-Kusatsu station and I'll stay in Kusatsu for 4 days.
I'll visit Kyoto one day and finally leave from Kansai Airport.

I've heard that I should purchase the N'Ex/Suica Pass for the Tokyo part of my trip but I'm unsure what to do for the Kusatsu/Kyoto/Osaka portion. Should I take a night bus and then get a JR West pass? Or should I pay for each train? I'm very sorry if my questions are so confusing, it's my first time in Japan!



1-day JR West kansai pass is ¥2000. The Haruka express from Kyoto to KIX is ¥2900. So maybe a one or two-day kansai pass might be worthwhile, depending on what specific JR travel you want to do? But it's not that much difference, and the effort to redeem the pass may be more than that difference is worth...

Albert A
Albert A

Hey Al,

The most economic option would indeed be taking the night bus from Tokyo and buying local a normal ticket to Minami Kusatsu (¥ 320). As Albert says a 1-day JR West kansai pass may pay off if you want to travel to Kansai Airport with the Haruka express as the normal price is ¥ 3,550.

I would just buy single tickets for day trips to either Osaka or Kyoto as local travel in the Kansai Area is not very expansive so it can be hard for a pass to pay off.

Hope this helps,

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OK, I bought my night bus ticket already. Now, I just need to get the JR West one day pass (I have to wait 2 more weeks).

Thanks Daniel-san and Albert. I appreciate your help!


I am planning to go in japan and it seem that i still need to learn more about that place.


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