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10 days osaka - kyoto - tokyo

10 days Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo

Hello all,

I am planning a 10 days trip to Japan this May and want to avoid buying a 14-day pass if possible. Can anyone advice my itinerary below?

17/05 - Arrive Osaka at 840am 18/05 - Travel within Osaka 19/05 - Osaka to Kyoto 20/05 - Travel within Kyoto 21/05 - Travel within Kyoto 22/05 - Kyoto to Tokyo 23/05 - Travel within Tokyo 24/05 - Travel within Tokyo 25/05 - Travel within Tokyo 26/05 - Travel within Tokyo >Haneda airport

Should I cut my trip to 1 day stay in Kyoto and extend my Osaka or Tokyo trip?

What option will save me more money?

I never travel Japan and hope to make use every single time and money.

Could be very much appreciated if someone can give me more information.

Thank you :)



Hi Doris,

The JR Pass offers the best value when you travel across the country. Travel within cities and between Kyoto - Osaka is not very expansive. In addition your longer distance travel is limited to a one way ticket Kyoto - Tokyo which would not cover for the price of a JR Pass, therefor I would recommend buying normal tickets as you travel.

Here are some budget tickets which you could consider for your arrival and travel to Osaka.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Daniel :)


Hi everyone,

I'm looking to arrange a trip for two to Japan from 17th-26th May this year. I'm looking to spend £1500 in total (exc flights & hotel).

History, culture and cuisine are what we are looking to see and do.

Bearing in mind the timescale, costs and that we speak no Japanese, how achievable and difficult is the below itinerary?

17/05 - Reach Osaka (Umeda Sky Building >Osaka Castle> Shinsaibashi> Minami(Namba))
18/05 - Osaka (Sumiyoshi-Taisha Shrine >Aquarium Kanukan> Shinsekai> Dotonborbori)
19/05 - Osaka to Kyoto (Kinkakuji> Nijo castle> Nishiki Market)
20/05 - Kyoto (Kiyomizudera> Sanjusangendo> Higashiyama> Gion)
21/05 - Kyoto to Tokyo (Shinjuku) (Fushimi Inari Shrine-Kyoto> Tokyo (Shinjuku)> Harajuku> Shibuya)
22/05 - Tokyo (Hakone Onsen)
23/05 - Tokyo (Hakone Onsen > Roppongi Hillls> Tokyo Water Bus> Odaiba> Tokyo Tower)
24/05 - Tokyo (Tsukiji Fish Market> Kawagoe> Ginza>>>>>>> )
25/06 - Tokyo (Sensoji Temple> Tokyo Skytree>>>>>>>>>>>>)
26/06 - Tokyo (Ueno park> Ameyoko> Haneda Airport)

Is there anything else you may recommend, or any advice you can give, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi Again,

I think it looks great! A bit packed but certainly not too much! I could give you some extra places to visit but I would not see where to fit them in time wise. What you could swap out is Tokyo Skytree and maybe drop by Akihabara instead. You will visit Tokyo Tower and the Skytree is that interesting expect that you is somewhat higher. Akihabara is pure Japanese culture be is contemporary - it's a unique experience by itself - even if you're not really into Anime/Gadgets or Tech. Just visiting Yodobashi for it's enormous size is fun, or maybe trying out a maidcafe.

Make the most of your trip!

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