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should i get the 7-day pass?

Should I get the 7-day pass?

I am traveling to Japan in Christmas and want to know if it's worth for me to get a JR-7 days pass or regional one. My plan is as follow:

25 Dec: Arrive in Tokyo
30 Dec: Tokyo to Fukuyama
2 Jan: Fukuyama to Fujisan
4 Jan: Fujisan to Tokyo
5 Jan: planning to go to Karuizawa
6 Jan: Tokyo to HK.

It'd be good to give me suggestion on which JR-pass I should get.

Thank you so much.

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Hi Pinoke129,

I would recommend using a 7 day JR Pass for travel to Fukuyama and Karuizawa. These are the most expensive trips and the Japan Rail Pass will help you make savings.

Hope this helps,

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