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should i get japan rail pass for my itinerary?

Should I get Japan Rail Pass for my Itinerary?


I have plan to visit Japan from April 28 until May 7, 2016. But I am confused should I get Japan Rail Pass for my itinerary, please see below details.

28 Apr : Narita - Hilton Tokyo Bay
29 Apr: Disney SEA - Tateyama
30 Apr: Tateyama - Osaka
1 May : Osaka
2 May: Universal Studio - Kobe
3 May: Kobe - Kyoto
4 May : Kyoto
5 May: Kyoto - Tokyo
6 May : Tokyo
7 May: Tokyo - Narita

I am travelling with my boyfriend, should I get 7 or 14 days pass for my trip since my itinerary is for 11 days?

I am looking forward for your feedback.

Thank you.


Hi there,

I would use a 7 day JR Pass here from April 29th to May 5th. This way you can cover all your pricey and long distance travel. This would cover nearly all your travel and you can make considerable savings compared to purchasing normal train tickets.

Good to know:
-The station name for Disneyland/sea is Maihama. -Travel from Toyama - Tateyama is not covered by JR Pass (¥1,200 fare). -The best station to explore Kobe from is Sannomiya. There's not much to do at Kobe station.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel - san,

Does the 7 day JR Pass cover Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route as well (Cable Car from Bijodaira, Bus across "Yuki - no - otani", Tateyama Ropeway? Correct me if I'm wrong, so I better travel from Toyama because it's cover by JR Pass rather than Tateyama (Tateyama is not cover by JR Pass)?

So, JR Pass can cover all the shinkansen to intercity (from Osaka to Kyoto, Kyoto to Tokyo)?

Any suggestion for transport pass that I can use to cover all my accommodation in Tokyo from 5 to 7 May?

Thank you for your kind information, that was very useful. Appreciated.

Regards, Lisa


Hi again!

I am afraid that the JR Pass does not cover these.

All Shinkansen lines are included in the JR Pass.

In Tokyo, I would advise using the Tokyo Metro Day Pass.

Hope you find the useful,

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