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kansai area pass

Kansai Area pass

I’m going to travel to Kyoto in late March, I’m staying for 6 days. I won’t go anywhere else except Kansai Area. I am wondering how can I get an extra days from the Kansai pass? They have offered max 4 days.


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The Kansai Area Pass is available for a maximum of 4 days at a time but you can purchase more than 1 if it would suit your plans.

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Thank you for the reply, I’m going to traveling from Kansai international airport to Ogotoonsen station, if I buy Kansai regional pass only would it be possible to cover the area I will be traveling to? I’m staying in Otsu and planned to traveling to Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe for my trip.


When I buy the pass, I could buy 4days and additional 3 days extra but I don’t have to activate my last 3 days pass until I am going to use them correct?


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