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using jr pass from kyoto to sapporo

Using JR Pass from Kyoto to Sapporo

This is my first time traveling to Japan and I have lots of questions. We arrive at Narita Airport on march 13, from march17 to 22 we go to Kyoto and finally from 22 to 25 we wish to go to Sapporo.

  1. Is there a way to travel Tokyo-Kyoto using JR Pass, since all routes I find use Nozomi and this shinkansen is not covered by JR Pass.

  2. We wish to travel from Kyoto to Sapporo using JR Pass, how can we activate it? Can we reserve our seats as soon as we arrive at Narita Airport?

  3. Can you recommend a friendly and realiable timetable of the the trains (app maybe?).

  4. How much time in advance do I need to order the JR Pass. I live in Panama.

  5. I wish to get the pocket wifi too does it cover nationwide or just Tokyo?

I appreciate the help!


Hi there,

1.) Yes, you can use the Hikari Shinkansen between Tokyo and Kyoto, this train is the same as the Nozomi but stops at a couple more stations on the way. The travel time is only 19 minutes more.

2.) You can exchange the JR Pass at Narita Airport and make the reservations the same day.

3.) Try Hyperdia or Navitime

4.) I would recommend at least a week in advance, even if there's a delay in shipping there would be some time.

5.) Yes, all of Japan. It covers around 99% of the country.

Hope this helps,

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