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the first shinkansen

The first Shinkansen


We would like to leave Kyoto in order to go to Yudanaka via Tokyo. After checking we saw that the first trains (from 6AM to 10AM) are Shinkansen Nozomi not available using the JR Pass. The first Shinkansen train that allows the use of the JR pass is the 10:30 AM.

We would like to confirm if we indeed are not able to use the JR Pass until the 10:30 train. We would prefer to take an earlier one but we wouldn't like to purchase an extra ticket out of the JR Pass.

Thank you I advance.


Hello Jordi,

The first Hikari train departs from Kyoto as early as 06:42. Here is an example route in Hyperdia.

So no need to buy an extra ticket :)

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the information. We didn't select fine the options in menu.

Thank you very much,


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